Hove Machine Services



Your Source for Repair Parts for the Traditional Machine Tool Product Lines

Some commonly ordered parts we keep in stock. For the others (especially the hard to find) we can get you those parts. We have the connections and sources for parts and manuals for many machines.


History of Hove machine Services

Hove machine Services was established in 1991 by Mr. David Strudwick. Mr. Strudwick served his apprentice in the British Town of Hove.

After moving to Canada in 1958, one of Mr. Strudwick's first jobs was making parts for the Avro Arrow. Mr. Struckwick worked for several name companies over the years, such as A.C. Wickman Ltd. and Stan Canada Machinery & Equipment.

Mr. Strudwick then used his wealth of experience, to start his own business. Helping other companies find parts for their machines.

Besides being the Canadian Agent for Dean, Smith and Grace lathes, Hove Machine Services has established itself as a great source for many other brand name machines.

Hove Machine Services is pleased to announce that starting in January 2015, we are now a Canadian agent for WMW Heckert and WMW.

Specializing in:

  • WMW Heckert
  • WMW
  • Dean Smith & Grace
  • Bridgeport
  • Colchester
  • Standard - Modern
  • Poreba


New Chuck Jaws on your Manual Lathe could provide an improved margin of accuracy and safety for the Operator.